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We provide Rehabilitation for children and young adults with disabilities. Paediatric rehabilitation is a medical specialty that focuses on the impact of the young person’s disability on their daily life, and what that person would like to achieve.


What is unique about the Rehabilitation approach?

Most people who see a Rehabilitation doctor have issues which cannot be “cured”. Optimal disability management usually needs a team approach, involving the family, health professionals, school/employers and recreation providers. In addition to providing medical treatments, Rehabilitation doctors often coordinate the management team to help achieve the young person's goals. 



Meaningful goals & strategies to achieve them

After discussion with the young person and their management team, meaningful goals are created. Progress towards these goals may be achieved by addressing three areas:

  • Directly improve the young person’s functional ability (eg medications for muscle tightness, allied health training strategies)

  • Use external devices to enable tasks (eg wheelchair, modified cutlery)

  • Change the environment by supporting other organisations (eg schools, sporting clubs) in enabling the person to achieve their goals



The importance of maximising “function”

The term “function” is often used in Rehabilitation. It refers to how well a person can participate in their environment, such as having fun with their friends or taking part in recreational activities.

It may seem like a simple (and obvious!) idea, but it is often limited by a wide range of factors such as pain, accessibility and general attitudes of society.


From: "Society’s Disability"

We must look beyond traditional healthcare roles to provide rehabilitation that is effective and relevant. This is where societal change begins.

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